Why Absolute Roofing?

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why absolute roofing


It’s not complicated: roofing to us is about more than shingles and nails.

A smart guy named Maslow once said, people need food and shelter before they can even begin to think about things like money, love and happiness. We won’t cook a meal for you, but what we will do is give you an honest, solid roof to live under.


Beneath every roof, there’s a family with their own cares and worries, their unique habits and needs. And that family has a million and one things to care about besides the roof over their head.


The responsibility of putting a great roof on a family’s home is what drives Absolute Roofing.

The smart guy from before also once said, “When all you’ve got is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.” We know that some roofers wander neighborhoods like yours with a hammer on their belt, looking for homeowners to nail down for a quick job before skipping town.


We want to be the guys you call first, even for the little problems. We don’t mess around, and we’re not in this for a quick buck.

  • 12 local insurance agents put us first on their speed-dial.
  • Every one of our guys has been background tests and proven their skills in front of Mike. And he is not easily impressed.
  • And 11 years of roofing in the Ozarks has taught us what it means to be a trusted, reliable company.

Every roofer in the country works with the same shingles and nails–it’s why you do what you do that makes all the difference.