The Roof Replacement Process

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The average homeowner only needs to replace their roof once in their lifetime, and that means you probably have a lot of questions about the process. At Absolute Roofing, we believe that every customer should be absolutely comfortable, and that means being absolutely informed.

When we start your roof replacement process, here are the steps you can expect:


  1. Inspection of Damage—What kind of shape is your roof in? We’ll measure grain counts and coordinate with your insurance adjustors to make sure the work you want to do is coverable and what’s best for your home.
  1. Formal Proposal—Whether for repairs or replacement, we will line-item a formal proposal of service for you, detailing every estimated cost for labor and material down to the last nail. To learn about your roofing options, see our roofing services. Once you sign off on this, we take care of everything for you!
  1. Material Options—What kind of shingles would you like? What color? What style matches your home? We’ll lay out all your options and help you find just the right material for your home.
  1. Ordering Day—We custom order all of the necessary materials as soon as possible, then set a date when you can count on the project to be completed. We will communicate with you constantly so you know everything that’s happening on our end.
  1. Material Delivery Day—A few days before installation, we will deliver the materials to your home. Our guys will keep them neatly stacked and completely out of your way, so that your day can continue on as if they weren’t even there.


  1. First Day of Installation—Our crew will arrive on time on install day. Your roof replacement process will likely take only one day, but some projects can take up to three days. Don’t worry, we’ll let you know beforehand how long it will take.
  1. Greeting—Our team leader will come to your door to let you know we’re there and that we’re about to get started.
  1. Roof removal—This is when it will start getting noisy! Our guys up on the roof will dispose of all old shingles, adhesives and sub-roof materials safely and keep the debris contained to the workspace.
  1. Loading Materials onto the Roof—Once the old roof materials are gone, it’s time to send up all the materials for the new roof. We take the utmost care in moving materials up and down, in order to protect your family, your home and our workers. That means no throwing tools or shingles!
  1. New Roof Installation—This will likely happen on the first day, but on larger projects it may happen on the second day. The “base coat” of the new roof is weather-resistant tar paper which protects against leaks in the future and provides a setting for the decking and shingles which rest on top.
  1. Shingle Installation—After the tar paper and decking, our crews install the new shingles using precision nailing techniques to optimize water flow and the aesthetic integrity of your roof. We aren’t satisfied until every shingle is absolutely square and your roof is locking out the elements like it should.
  1. Clean Up—You won’t find a single sloppy worker on our team. Every nail, scrap and shred of material will be taken with our team when they leave.
  1. Recap with the Team Leader—Our team leader will ask you to inspect our work from the ground up for your honest feedback. This is your chance to be frank with our work—we promise we can take it!
  1. Invoice—You will receive a final invoice from our office crew for you to pay or pass on to your insurance company.
  1. Feedback—You will receive a final invite to provide us with your absolutely honest assessment of your experience with Absolute Roofing. We want your thoughts, and we mean it!

Call Absolute Roofing at (417) 869-0444 to get your price now, or schedule a free estimate online.  Nothing is more important to us than making your roof replacement process as comfortable as possible.