3 Things Your Roofer Should Never Ask You To Do

3 Things Your Roofer Should Never Ask You To Do

3 things your roofer should never ask you to do

3 Things Your Roofer Should Never Ask You To Do


It’s true in every business: there are written rules, and there are unwritten rules.


If you don’t follow the written rules—the laws and regulations of the industry—then you’re going to get put out of business.

But if you don’t follow the unwritten rules—the ethics or “good business practices” of the industry—you might be able to get away with it and part some people from their hard-earned money.

We wanted to fill you in on a few unwritten rules of the industry. If you meet a roofer who suggests any of these things, red flashing alarms should go off in your brain.


Here are 3 things your roofer should never ask you to do:


1-Pay up front

You don’t get your paycheck until after you’ve punched the clock, so why pay a roofer before any work gets done? A roofer has no incentive to follow through with the work once the cash is already in his pocket.

Make sure you sign a contract first, stating that he’ll get paid once the work is done. If he still tries to get you to pay up front, it’s time to tell him to hit the highway.


2-Sign a contract before your insurance approves the work

This is a good way to suddenly find moths in your pockets where there used to be cash. If you get into a written contract with a company, then find out later that the replacement is going to come out of your own pocket, the only person who loses is going to be you.

You have to pay for the work somehow, and it’s going to come out of the Hawaii vacation fund you’ve been building for years.


3-Provide your own materials

It’s not your job to get any of the shingles or tools that every roofer should have. The whole reason you call a roofing company is because they should be the experts and have the materials to do their jobs.

Making you provide the materials means that they don’t have any money invested in the project. A company like that is not going to stand by the quality of their work, which should make you nervous about standing under it.


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