What Could Delay My Roof Replacement?

What Could Delay My Roof Replacement?



What Could Delay My Roof Replacement?

People these days have gotten used to getting their instant gratification. We don’t operate that way in the roofing business.

That’s because we value safety, quality materials and a job done right over a quick turnaround. Our average time between signing a contract and starting the job is four weeks. Once the job has begun, we can guarantee you’ll get the highest quality roof around. If we run into a delay, it will be for one of these reasons:



Weather is the roofer’s arch nemesis. We battle it every day when we’re out on a roof. In baking heat and freezing cold, we often tough it out. But ultimately we put our workers’ safety above all else. That means gusty winds or slippery conditions are a no-go.

Rain is our biggest enemy. Once we start tearing off the roof, we have to install the new one before the rain comes otherwise, it could seriously damage your home. We try to schedule removal and installs around the weather, but if the rain hits, then multiple homes could be pushed back, throwing everyone off schedule.


Previous jobs

We know how frustrating it can be for contractors not to show up when you want them to. That’s why we make it a priority to stick to the schedule. But if any ongoing jobs cause us to shift our schedule, you’ll be the first to know about it.


Hidden structural issues

We do our best to learn everything there is to know about your roof before we get to work on it. But sometimes we only discover a structural problem after we’ve removed your old roof. If there are any underlying problems that are either dangerous to our workers or could send your roof tumbling down in the future, we’ll need to fix it before we do anything else.


Materials on back-order

We’ve got great relationships with our vendors, so we rarely run into trouble with getting materials on time. But since their inventory is out of our hands, we sometimes need to wait for them to get a shipment before they can send it to the job site.

If that’s the case, you’ll be the first person we contact. We do everything we can to get all the materials to your home at the same time, so we can be in and out as quickly as possible.


No matter what happens, we aim for on-time, on-budget and A-plus jobs from all of our roofers. Mike wouldn’t have it any other way. Call us now at 417-869-0444 to set up your job with Absolute Roofing.

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