The Value of a New Roof

The Value of a New Roof

Value of a New Roof

The Value of a New Roof


There’s nothing that puts a damper on a homebuyer’s hopes more than needing to replace the roof as soon as they move in. A roof is always a good investment, but the prospect of having one installed can be scary for a new homeowner.

On the other hand, a brand new roof on your home helps a buyer feel open-minded and excited about buying your house. Plus, a new roof can improve the average home’s resale value by up to 40%1.


That’s so high that REALTOR® Magazine named roof replacement as the smartest remodeling investment you could make.

According to several sources2, you can expect a 63-75% return on your roof replacement based on increased home value alone. And since the average roof lasts twenty years, that’s a value that will stay with you for years to come.

The national average cost of a roof replacement job is around $6,800; that cost is lower in and around Springfield. 75% of a $6,000 roof is $4,500. That’s an extra four and a half-thousand dollars you can potentially add to the selling price of your home.


Energy Efficiency

Of course, no investment would be 100% worthwhile if it cost more than it gives back. That’s why Absolute Roofing offers energy efficient shingles to save you money on your utility bill every month.

Roofs are simple: they keep the outside out. Old roofs need to be replaced because they let the outside in, either through leaking or air drafts. A new roof gets rid of all the leaks and holes to create an impenetrable barrier on top of your home. The result is lower cooling costs so you don’t have to sweat the utility bill anymore.

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