The Next Step When A Shingle Flies Off Your Roof

The Next Step When A Shingle Flies Off Your Roof


What’s that in the front yard? A squirrel? A meteorite? The wallet you lost ten years ago?

Turns out it’s a shingle that flew off your roof during last night’s storm. But before you grab a ladder and stagger along your roof with a hammer, you should take a second to assess the total damage to your roof.

  1. Look for other shingles, nails, and materials that may have come dislodged.

It’s rare that a storm or heavy wind only knocks a single shingle off a roof. Take a stroll through your yard and look for nails or bits of metal from your gutters and ventilation system. If you make a pile of these things, you’ll know exactly how much damage you should be looking for on the roof itself.

  1. Check inside your home for leaks or drafts.

If the shingle flew off during a rainstorm, you can look for dripping water or damp spots in the areas directly beneath the missing shingle. If there was no water involved, you can still have shingles missing. It’s best to call a professional to assess the damage.

  1. Call your roofer.

Just because you know where the damage is and you have the old shingles doesn’t mean you can fix it. It’s not as simple as nailing the shingle back where it’s supposed to be.

Give your roofer a call if you want your shingles to be repaired or replaced right. We have the tools and expertise to bond the shingle back to the roof, and to spot other damage that may be invisible to the naked eye.

Call Absolute Roofing at 417-869-0444 or schedule a time for us to check out your roof. We’ll repair everything so you don’t need to worry about leaks or drafts.

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