3 Reasons You Should Never Try To Repair Your Own Roof

3 Reasons You Should Never Try To Repair Your Own Roof



You fancy yourself somewhat of a handyman. You’ve fixed leaks and screwed in a few lightbulbs over the years. So the roof must be a piece of cake to fix up, right?

We’ll say it plain: you’re kidding yourself if you think you can fix your roof without falling off or putting a you-shaped skylight in your living room. But if you’re still not convinced, here are three reasons you should never try to repair your own roof.


1. You could injure yourself—badly.

If you’re repairing a fence post, you might smack your thumb with the hammer. No big deal. But missteps in roofing are 100 times more dangerous. The ground may not look very far away, but the ten-foot fall can leave you with broken bones, brain damage, or a chronic case of death.

Never mind that you might staple your hand to the roof. If you’re up there and you feel safe, you’re really not. All it takes is one tiny slip.


2. Your “repairs” could lead to long-term damage.

Sure, your intuition might have helped you rig the faucet so it would stop leaking. But what could go wrong if your roofing intuition leads you astray?

You could end up with leaking or missing shingles, which means water will come into the house. Or you could damage the insulation underneath and jack up your utility bills. Or your work could erode the asphalt shingles and invalidate the roof’s warranty. If you mess up, your bill is going to be many times bigger than it would have been if you’d just called an expert.


3. You could end up making the problem worse.

Let’s say you reattached a missing shingle and all looks well. How can you be sure the problem is fixed? In roofing, there’s much more to it than just making sure the shingles are straight. The roof has layers that all work together in a complicated system.

Amateurs just don’t have the eyes to spot the real problems. A little leak in the attic could turn into a big flood in the dining room, and you wouldn’t know until it happened.


Take your wife’s advice and call a roofing company, and when you do, call Absolute Roofing at 417-869-0444 or set a time for us to come out and look at your roof. We’ll fix it fast and we’ll fix it right, so you don’t have to break your neck.

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