Can I Afford A New Roof?

Can I Afford A New Roof?


Let’s be realistic—a new roof is going to cost you more than a few pennies. But when compared to what an old roof could cost you, it’s practically nothing.

We’ll look at the many factors that affect the cost of a new roof, and your financial options that can help make it more affordable.

  1. Taxes

Depending on the type of new roof you get, you may be able to claim an energy tax credit to recoup part of the cost. Plus the value you put into your home with a more efficient roof will be reflected in your home’s selling price if you move.


  1. Materials

There is no such thing as “one roof fits all”. There are multiple kinds of roofs (wood, asphalt and metal are the basics) and a range of costs in each category. That also means there is not one definitive price for all roofs. You can find the average cost range here.


  1. Climate and the age of your roof

Sometimes an inspector will check out your roof and say that you can get by with repairs instead of a full roof replacement. Repair will be cheaper than replacement in almost every case.

However, you have to take into account the climate of your area and how old your roof is to begin with. A 15-year old roof in Buffalo is often a better candidate for replacement than a 15-year old roof in Nashville. Plus, you’re much better off with the highest quality roof if its job is to protect you from 6-foot snowdrifts instead of occasional thunderstorms.


Once you’ve considered all these factors, your last question should be: can I afford NOT to replace my roof? An unwanted skylight in your living room or new swimming pool in your attic can ruin your belongings and your bank account all at once.

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