3 Ways to Cool Your Home in the Summer

3 Ways to Cool Your Home in the Summer

Cool Your Home

The heat of summer has arrived, and so has the air conditioning bill. If your household has gotten in the habit of cranking the ac anytime the house feels toasty, these steps can help you pinpoint the source of the problem and fix it, so you don’t spend more money on ac than you have to.


Make sure your doors are well sealed — if air is able to seep between the cracks in your door, your home will have trouble maintaining a constant temperature. Make sure all doors are well sealed in order to make sure the cold air stays in.


Sunlight from windows can raise the temperature of your home significantly. Curtains can help to block this sunlight before it gets inside your home. Another way to avoid this heat is to upgrade to newer, better-insulated windows. Double-paned glass can stop the sun’s heat before it gets inside. While new windows can be expensive, the comfort and energy savings that they bring are well worth the investment.


A new, well-insulated and correctly-ventilated roof can help keep your attic cooler. 


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