4 Ways To Know If Your Roof Has Hail Damage

4 Ways To Know If Your Roof Has Hail Damage

Thunderous thumping on your roof, pitter patter in your gutters, and clomping in the street. There’s no question when a hail storm blows through your neighborhood.


What’s harder to determine is how much damage your roof took during the storm. Hail stones smaller than a half-inch in diameter aren’t heavy enough to cause substantial roof damage. But any larger than that and you might consider dialing your roofer’s number once you notice these signs of a hail-damaged roof:


1—Asphalt granules in the gutter

This is the #1 biggest sign of severe hail damage. Large chunks of hail can knock loose the asphalt in your shingles, which then runs down into your gutters. For wood shingles, you may find splinters and shards of wood. Granules missing from your shingles leaves your roof exposed to the elements, which quickly leads to leaks.


2—Missing or broken shingles

Whether caused by torrential wind or hail during a storm, often shingles can be knocked loose from the roof. This is especially true of shingles on an older roof which have become brittle and lost their adhesive over time. One big storm can reveal the hidden aging you didn’t recognize before.


3—Soft spots like the skin of an apple

If you feel comfortable getting up on your roof, you can inspect your shingles up close for damp, soft spots. These are places where large hail stones impacted your roof and left permanent damage that needs to be repaired.


4—Damage to other areas outside (fences, gutters, roof venting etc.)

An easy way to check for bad hail damage is to see what else around your home has taken damage. Torn up fences, bent gutters, dented HVAC vents or A/C units—these are all signs of a storm that was violent enough to have damaged your roof as well.


Take a look at your roof before the next Ozarks hail storm, so you’ll know how severe the damage was. Regular inspections of your own roof will help you keep track of the aging and wear that happens over time.


If you still aren’t sure whether to file a claim after a storm and need someone to take a look at your roof, call Absolute Roofing at 417-869-0444 or schedule a free inspection online. You’ll get our honest opinion about what’s best for you and your roof.

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