How To Protect Your Roof In The Winter

How To Protect Your Roof In The Winter

You’ve found yourself in one of two situations. Either you have a massive winter storm on its way or you woke up to find a snow pile the size of Everest on your roof.


If you’re not ready to call in the big guys, there are several steps you can take to protect your roof this winter on your own. Your whole livelihood is under that roof and being prepared will help it withstand storms sent from North Pole itself.


Follow these tips for guidance in helping your roof stay as sturdy as possible this winter.



  • Prepare Ahead Of Time



Having your roof inspected long before the threat of winter storms is a great way to plan ahead. A roofing professional will look for any weaknesses in your roof, including shingle issues, loose or misplaced flashing, and faulty chimneys and vents.


Another step you can take is to clean your gutters and downspouts of any leaves from fall in preparation for snow this winter. Finally, insulating your attic before winter begins will not only warm your home, but also prevent ice dams from forming due to snow melting and refreezing.



  • Prevent Roof Collapse



Your roof can only handle so much pressure. Unfortunately, a small amount of snow can weigh much more than expected. In fact, just a cubic foot of snow can weigh anywhere between 7 and 20 pounds, depending on its density.


While each roof is different, three feet of snow or two inches of ice is calling for trouble. Just remember, when removing snow, be sure to leave an inch or so to prevent damaging your roof itself.



  • Protect Yourself As Well



Removing snow or ice from your roof can be dangerous. If you ever feel like the job is too big for you, there’s no shame. That being said, there are several ways to be as safe as possible. First, stay on the ground while removing snow if able. You can find plenty of roof rakes to do the job from a distance. If necessary, begin by grabbing a short ladder and broom to brush snow off the edges of your roof and gutters, moving to the rest of the roof as you feel comfortable.


As you prepare for the winter season, it’s important to remember that safety comes first. Your roof and loved ones won’t benefit if you injure yourself. For more tips or help protecting your roof this winter, give us a call at 417-869-0444.

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