How We Can Continue To Serve You Through COVID-19

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COVID-19 is changing the way we live in everyday life; for now anyway. However, it isn’t changing the fact you have roof needs. With spring weather upon us, there is always the uncertainty of hail, wind, or other bad weather that may affect your roof. Absolute Roofing understands that you need a roof over your head that you can trust, and the best roofer to get the job done right, which is why we are doing everything in our power to continue to serve you. Here’s how we can do it!

Practicing Social Distancing: 

We understand the importance of social distancing at this time. Absolute has changed both the nature of how we conduct our appointments and the work we do. For both your safety and ours, we will not be able to come into your home. If you would like to meet or speak with us, we ask that you please step outside to do so. Otherwise, everything we need to communicate can be done via phone call, text, or email; whichever works best for you!


Absolute Roofing’s Online Software:

Over the past few years, we have invested in technology that allows us to run a large portion of our business online. Our estimators are able to provide you with estimates via email. This software also serves as a management tool to make sure we stay organized and in sync as a company.


If you need an appointment with us, here is how we will handle it:

Roof inspection: Once our estimator arrives at the property, he will give you a call and let you know he has arrived and will begin his inspection. Once he is done with the inspection, he will give you another call to let you know his findings and then will provide you with an estimate as needed via email. 

Roof leak: After setting up an appointment, we will ask you to send us a video of where the leak is present in your home via email to or via text message to 417-705-3439. This will provide our estimators insight into the problem and allow them to diagnose the corresponding area from the roof.  If the estimator needs inside your attic, he will call and devise a no-contact method that works for you both. 

When the estimator is done diagnosing the leak, he will call to go over a game plan on how we can fix it. He will provide you with an estimate via email within 24 hours of the appointment. 

Once again, we understand the severity of this. We want to ensure that our customers stay completely safe and healthy which is why we are taking these measures. While you are stuck at home trying to be safe, you need to be sure that the integrity of your roof keeps you safe. If you have any questions at all, please give us a call at 417.869.0444 or chat us on our website 

Thank you for allowing us to serve you and our community,


Mike & Gina Mankser | Owners, Absolute Roofing